Author Biography

Born in Manchester but now living in Cheshire with his wife and daughter, Mark wrote his first draft novel when he was 17 years old. It still lies—untouched—in a box in a dusty loft space. Like many other aspiring authors, he fell in step with a ‘steady’ career and income, but the yearning to write gurgled away in the pit of his stomach.
When a shaft of light presented itself in his busy life, he started writing short stories and was lucky enough to have many published or praised in competitions.

In May 2022, a convenient break in his steady career appeared, and, at the same time, he discovered the dreadful truth about his Jewish ancestors’ plight under the Nazis in the Netherlands. He then embarked on his first full-length novel, The Thirteenth Child, a piece of historical fiction, but with the experiences of his ancestors permeating every word.

Silently supported by his black and white cat and often distracted by his ADHD, he completed The Thirteenth Child, published in January 2024 by Bebetter Publishing. Suitably invigorated, he has started its sequel, which will be released later in the year.